Babies and Children

Nutrition for Children and Babies

Nutrition for babies and children is a crucial element in their development and well-being. From birth to adulthood, dietary choices and habits established from a young age play a key role in their health and growth.

I assist you in understanding the basics of childhood nutrition, the stages of dietary development, and provide practical advice to help you make the best choices for your children.
Michèle Frisch
Michèle Frisch

Baby Food Diversification

Introducing solid foods is a crucial step in your baby's development, where they begin to explore new tastes and textures while receiving the necessary nutrients for growth.

Children's nutrition

Children have unique nutritional needs due to their rapid growth and development. I am here to guide you in meeting these increased requirements for essential nutrients.

Parents play an essential role in promoting healthy eating habits. Together, we will create a positive food environment, and create healthy eating habits.

Food Allergies

Some food allergies can occur during childhood. We will discuss the signs, prevention, and the management of food allergies.

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