Adult nutrition

As a dietetics expert, I prevent nutritional problems and help you achieve your well-being goals.

I evaluate your eating habits, nutritional needs, and potential risk factors. I collaborate with you to develop personalized, balanced meal plans suitable for your needs, whether it's weight balance, chronic disease control, or food allergy management.
Michèle Frisch
Michèle Frisch

Balanced, Varied, and Healthy Nutrition for Everyone

The daily diet of adults forms the foundation of their health and well-being and must be adapted to their family, work, and daily life.

Diet is more than just nutrition; it's a moment of togetherness with family or colleagues, a source of comfort, and a way to take care of ourself daily.

  • I analyze your diet, eating habits, and lifestyle to identify areas that need improvement.

  • I develop balanced meal plans suitable for your specific nutritional needs, taking into account your time constraints and schedule.

  • I provide recommendations on appropriate food choices to meet your health goals.

  • I educate you about the basics of nutrition, help you understand food nutrition labels, and provide tips for making informed dietary decisions.

  • I track your progress and adjust your meal plans over time as you evolve.

  • I offer emotional support to help you maintain your motivation and overcome eating-related obstacles.

Medical Conditions

I help you with various medical conditions using nutrition as a tool. My expertise allows me to develop meal plans suitable for each medical condition.

  • Overweight, Obesity: Development of meal plans for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Cardiovascular Diseases: Reduction of cardiovascular risk factors through a healthy diet.

  • Food Allergies and Intolerances: Development of diets excluding allergens or poorly tolerated foods.

  • Digestive Disorders: Assistance in managing symptoms and improving quality of life through appropriate nutrition.

  • Osteoporosis: Development of diets to strengthen bone health.

For any other medical condition, please don't hesitate to send me a appointment request.


Some medical conditions are covered. Check the CNS website for more information.

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